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Fabrication of a Steel Drive Ring for the Manufacturing Industry

A customer in the manufacturing industry contracted Accurate Metal Products to fabricate the large diameter drive ring shown here. The drive ring was engineered for a rock crushing application, it required not only extreme strength but precision manufacturing as well.

Composed of A514 steel, the drive ring was comprised of three 120° segments, totaling an overall diameter of 154.000″, all of which had to meet tolerances of ±0.060″, and angular tolerances of ±1.00°. Fabrication required the use of a number of our manufacturing capabilities. Parts were also sand blasted before machining.

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Fabrication of a Steel Drive Ring – Project Details

Product Name

Drive Ring

Product Description

This component is used for a rock crushing application.

Custom Flame Cutting Capabilities Applied/ Processes

Flame Cutting

Sand Blasting
Oxy Fuel Beveling

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Oxyfuel Flame Cutting Machine and Flame Cut Beveler, Sandblast Booth

Overall Part Dimensions

OD: Ø 154.000″ Produced to 120 Degree Segments

Tightest Tolerances

± 0.060″
Angular: ± 1.00°

Material Used

A514 Steel

Flame Cut Edge Finish

250 – 500

In process testing/ inspection performed

Tape Measure (CERTIFIED)

Industry for Use




Delivery/ Turnaround Time

1.5 Weeks

Standards Met

Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing