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Custom Metal Fabrication Services & Products

Metal fabrication processes underlie much of modern manufacturing. With precision techniques like oxy-fuel flame cutting and others, manufacturers can readily achieve the tight tolerances and smooth finishes required by OEMs and industry clients.

Accurate Metal Products (AMP) has remained at the cutting-edge of steel plate and sheet fabrication for over 25 years, leveraging the most advanced equipment and techniques to craft custom precision components.

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication refers to the wealth of manufacturing techniques used to process raw metal into functional components. Custom metal fabrication services allow clients from all industries to benefit from these processes.

While each project requires a different set of methods, the broader fabrication process consists of three stages.

  • Design. Clients develop CAD models and specifications for the component. Metal fabrication experts help revise these designs, if necessary, and develop a manufacturing plan.
  • Fabrication. Manufacturers use a range of fabrication methods, including cutting, grinding, and treatment processes, to accomplish the design specifications.
  • Finishing & Assembly. Once fabricated, parts may receive various finishing processes designed to improve their function in a particular environment. For instance, heat treatments can strengthen a steel component so that it better resists strain. Finally, manufacturers assemble products that involve multiple components.

Using Steel for Parts Fabrication

Of all the metal fabrication processes, steel part fabrication is among the most common due to steel’s immense versatility. Steel is strong, durable, and affordable, with customizable properties depending on the alloy. Common steel variants include:

  • Carbon Steel. Carbon steel is an affordable, workable material consisting of iron and up to 3.8% carbon by weight. Increasing the proportion of carbon increases the overall strength and hardness of the material.
  • Alloy Steel. Alloy steel contains carbon, iron, and one or more other elements designed to improve mechanical properties.
  • Stainless Steel. Stainless steel is steel alloyed with chromium, the combination of which yields a strong and corrosion-resistant material useful in many varied settings.

These varieties are available in plate form and sheet form, with plates being thicker than sheets. Steel plate typically exceeds 6 mm in thickness while sheet is between 3 and 6 mm thick.AMP works with clients to select the most appropriate steel alloy for their application.

Steel Parts Fabrication Solutions at AMP

AMP’s comprehensive fabrication capabilities allow us to meet clients’ exact specifications, whatever they may be.

Metal Cutting Methods

We use the industry’s most precise cutting techniques to slice steel sheets and plates into custom shapes. CNC automation further speeds these processes and minimizes the potential for error.

  • Oxy-Fuel Flame Cutting Services. Oxyacetylene cutting, or oxy-fuel flame cutting, induces a chemical reaction between steel and oxygen to cleanly cut straight lines, circles, and bevels. With oxy-fuel flame cutting, we can achieve tolerances of ±0.063’’ to 0.250’’ on steel that is 40’ in length by 10’ in width with thickness ranging from 0.25’’ to 12’’.
  • Precision Plasma Cutting Services. Plasma cutters target conductive materials like steel with super-heated gas to cut with extreme precision. Our plasma cutting processes offer tolerances of ± 0.015’’ on gauges up to 0.5’’ in thickness, ± 0.030’’ on gauges between 0.5’’ and 1’’, and ± 0.060’’ for gauges of 1’’ to 2’’. These services are suitable for stainless steel up to 1.5’’ thick and steel up to 2’’ thick with maximum dimensions of 40’ long by 10’ wide.
  • Laser Cutting Services. Like plasma cutting, laser cutting is a precision-cutting process that achieves tight tolerances and clean edges. Instead of plasma, laser cutters direct a high-powered laser beam at the surface, melting or vaporizing the material it contacts. Our laser cutting capabilities include achieving tolerances of ± 0.0030’’ for materials less than 0.1793’’ thick and ± 0.0080’’ for materials thicker than 0.375’’. We can laser cut carbon steel up to 0.5’’ thick and stainless steel up to 0.375’’ thick with maximum dimensions of 10’ long by 5’ wide.
Click to EnlargeCustom Steel Fabrication Capabilities

Heat Treating, Thermal Stress Relieving, and Annealing Services

Many of our clients request heat treating, annealing, or stress-relieving processes to improve part strength and processing results. We offer subcritical annealing services within the 500-1400°F range, along with a variety of stress-relieving processes:

  • Standard (1100-1200°F)
  • ASME Section I (900-1300°F)
  • ASME Section VIII (900-1300°F)

We can work with parts up to 105’’ long, up to 60’’ wide, and up to 72’’ high with weights ranging from 5 to 10 tons.

Custom Blanchard Grinding Services

Blanchard grinding is a high-powered finishing technique that uses an abrasive material rotation on a vertical spindle to quickly remove metal from a part’s surface. A magnetic chuck fixes the component in place during processing. The resulting surface has a distinctive, attractive surface finish with tolerances of ± 0.005’’ or tighter.

We work with various types of steel, castings, and other metal parts up to 84’’ corner-to-corner with maximum weights of 10,000 lbs. Our custom Blanchard grinding services can achieve standard finishes of 125 and surface finishes of up to 63.

Custom Abrasive Blasting Services

Our abrasive blasting services use steel grit or steel shot to smooth rough surfaces after fabrication. By shooting a stream of this abrasive media at the component, we quickly and effectively remove mill scale, heat treat scale, and rust for a premium surface finish.

Our blasting booth can accommodate parts with maximum dimensions of 20’ x 8’ x 10’ with weights up to 75 lbs.

Industries Served

Metal fabrication is at the core of many industries, essential to equipment and component manufacturing of all kinds. At AMP, we serve a wide array of industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Electrical
  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Nuclear
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Municipal/Government
  • Rail
  • Manufacturing Industries

We are happy to accommodate clients from these industries, as well as others requiring precise steel fabrication.

Inspection Services

At AMP, we go to great lengths to ensure the quality of our components. These measures include testing and inspection services to verify that all components meet their design specifications. These services include:

  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Tape Measure (CERTIFIED)


To better serve our local clients, we offer free delivery for customers within 150 miles of either our Rockford, Illinois or Milwaukee, Wisconsin facilities. Because of this policy, many of our clients benefit from a combination of free delivery and fast lead times.

Industry Standards Compliance

AMP is an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer of custom steel sheet and plate products. As part of our commitment to quality, we produce products in compliance with ASTM, ANSI, and ASME standards, ensuring our protocols align with all industry best practices.

Contact Us for Your Custom Steel Fabrication Needs

AMP is a leading provider of steel plate and sheet components to both local and national clients. We offer personalized services that include steel cutting, finishing, and assembly to exact specifications and tight tolerances. To learn how our comprehensive fabrication services can help achieve your manufacturing goals, contact us or request a quote today.