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Precision Plasma Cutting Services

Accurate Metal Products (AMP) prides itself on being a leading manufacturer of steel sheet and plate products. We cater to an array of industries, offering high-quality precision CNC plasma cutting services that match your project’s unique requirements.

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Outstanding Plasma Cutting Capabilities:

Our general plasma cutting capabilities include:

General Capabilities

High Definition
Rotating Bevel Heads

Cutting Action Type

CNC Controlled

Cutting Axis

5 Axis

Equipment Features

Down Draft Cutting Table
Automated Slag System
Dross-Free Cutting
Repeatable Cut-Edge Quality
Hole and Internal Shape Cuts
Duel Rotating Bevel Heads (Contour Bevels)

Cutting Materials

Stainless Steel

Low Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel

Cutting Thickness

Up to 2″ (Steel)
Up to 1.5″ (Stainless Steel)

Cutting Length

Up to 40′

Cutting Width

Up to 10′


Narrow to Reduce Waste

Tolerance (+/-) (Length & Width)

± .015″ (Gauge to .5″)
± .030″ (.5 to 1″)
± .060″ (1 to 2″)
Better tolerances may be achieved

Lifting Capacity

5 to 10 ton

Additional Services

Bar Coding
*Free Delivery (150 mile Radius of Milwaukee or Rockford)

Production Volume

Low to High Volume

Lead time

Inquire for current lead times

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Agriculture, Automation / Production Equipment,
Construction, Mining, Nuclear, Material Handling,
Municipal/ Government, Power Generation, Rail, Wind

Intended Application

Armor Plating

Heavy Duty Vehicle
OEM Components

Industry Standards


File Formats


We also offer additional services, such as cleaning, packaging, barcoding, and free delivery within a 150-mile radius of our Milwaukee or Rockford facilities.

Our Precision Plasma Cutting Expertise

AMP leverages state-of-the-art facilities and years of industry experience to offer unmatched precision plasma cutting services. Here’s what we bring to the table

Cutting Thickness, Length, and Width:

We utilize advanced, CNC-controlled, five-axis cutting tables to handle projects of various scales. We provide plasma cutting services for steel and stainless steel plate up to 2 in. thick, accommodating pieces up to 40 ft in length and 10 ft in width.

Cutting Materials and Tolerances:

Our precision services meet even the most stringent specifications. We ensure tolerances of ± 0.015 in., on gauges up to 0.5 in., ± 0.030 in. for gauges between 0.5 and 1 in., and ± 0.060 in. for gauges of 1 to 2 in. We cut various metals, including steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, and alloy steel.

Industrial Applications:

Plasma cutting serves numerous industries, including manufacturing, salvage, industrial construction, auto repair, and auto restoration. It’s a high-speed, precise, and cost-effective process, making it suitable for a range of applications, from industrial to small hobbyist shops.

Plasma Cutting 101:

Plasma cutting, or plasma arc cutting, is a fabrication process that uses superheated, ionized gas to cut metal into custom shapes and designs. With Computer Numerical Control (CNC) plasma cutting, the operator can enter numerical codes into the computer system to guide the plasma torch’s path, allowing for repeated precision cuts.

CNC plasma cutting provides several advantages, including a wide cutting area, ability to cut nearly any sheet metal, and cutting speeds of up to 10 m. per minute or higher.

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Since 1995, AMP has been providing plasma cutting services throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan. We continuously invest in advanced equipment and technology to deliver the best precision plasma cutting services. To request a quote or learn more about our precision CNC plasma cutting services, contact us today.